Imagine a global tokenized economy built entirely on Stellar blockchain

Afreum is driving financial inclusion, in Africa and beyond, with a decentralized economic system of finacial apps, and tokenized assets, powered by the AFR token, the AFRX token, plus flexible tokens and tokenized fiat currencies for every country in the world.

Discover, trade, or swap the Afreum AFR token

A suite of decentralized apps optimized for financial inclusion

Take advantage of the Stellar blockchain for payments and DeFi with almost zero fees and transactions that take just 5 seconds

Afreum Wallet

A non-custodial Stellar blockchain wallet supporting Afreum tokens, XLM, USDC, BTC, ETH, and more.

Afreum Save

Put your Afreum tokens to work earning up to 10% interest per year, with interest calculated daily.

Afreum Stake

Stake Afreum tokens in Stellar liquidity pools to earn fees and rewards.

Afreum Swap

Easily swap between Afreum tokens atomically using path payments on the Stellar blockchain.

Afreum Trade

Trade Afreum tokens such as AFR, AFRX, flexible country tokens against XLM, USDC and other tokens.

Afreum Stables

Mint or Redeem USDC-backed stable tokens pegged 1:1 with local fiat using Afreum fiat tokens.

Afreum Pay

Take advantage of a totally permissionless QR code-based payments network and earn cashbacks.

Afreum Cash

Trade fiat for Afreum tokens or Afreum tokens for fiat with our peer-to-peer exchange.

Afreum Bridge

Bridge AFR tokens from Stellar to other networks such as BNB Smart Chain and Ethereum.

Afreum Ramp

Cash-in or cash-out via crypto payment providers using credit/debit cards or bank transfers.

Afreum Rates

Check exchange rates of Afreum tokens against any fiat currency and select cryptocurrencies.

Afreum DAO

Participate in Afrem DAO and help shape the development of the Afreum Ecosystem.

The Afreum Ecosystem

Since the publication of the Afreum Blackpaper on 5th October, 2020, the Afreum Ecosystem has grown organically from strength to strength on the Stellar blockchain, with more and more people believing in our mission of decentralizatrion and financial inclusion.








AFR Supply

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Afreum Roadmap

October, 2020

Published Afreum Blackpaper

January, 2021

Launch Afreum Wallet

March, 2021

Launch Afreum Save

May, 2021

Launch Afreum Stake

July, 2021

Launch Afreum Cash

August, 2021

AFR CEX Listings

December, 2021

Re-launch Afreum Cash

April, 2022

Afreum Airdrop 2

June, 2022

61% AFR Burn

August, 2022

Launch Afreum DAO

Q4, 2022

Launch Stable Tokens

Q1, 2023

Launch Afreum Pay

Q3, 2023

Afreum 2.0 (Dev)

Q4, 2023

Afreum 2.0 (Roll Out)

Q1,Q2 2024

Full Decentralization

Afreum Tokens

The Afreum Ecosystem is powered by the main token AFR (this is the token listed on centralized exchanges), the rewards and DAO governance token AFRX, 156 flexible country tokens, and 156 fiat tokens. View the tokens supported in Afreum Ecosystem by country below:

Afreum Team

Afreum was launched following the publication of the Afreum Blackpaper (Whitepaper) on October 5, 2020 with a founding team of the founder and 6 advisors from industries spanning private equity, stock markets, advertising and marketing, technology, and sustainability. At the launch of Afreum DAO in August 2022, the founding team was disbanded, and the development team was tasked with launching Afreum 2.0, Web 3 versions of all existing Afreum apps, and achieving full decentralization of the Afreum Ecosystem. With the exception of the final development tasks, all future development of the Afreum Ecosystem was handed over to the community-based Afreum DAO.

Afreum DAO

Afreum DAO is the autonomous community DAO that manages the Afreum project post-Afreum 2.0 launch. The DAO Charter is based on the Aragon DAO Charter and the DAO is composed of a number of Sub-DAOs and a Court. The DAO follows the following high-level processes to put forward proposals.

Proposal Stage

Any community member can pledge 10 AFRX (refunded after the vote) to put forward a proposal.

Voting Stage

Any community member can use their AFRX balance, which stays in the wallet, to vote for a proposal.


Once the proposal vote is complete, the proposal either passes and moves to the execution stage, or fails, and is rejected.

Dive deep into the Afreum Blackpaper

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find answers to your questions in our FAQ, please email us using the form below or post to the Telegram group.

General Questions

Afreum is not a blockchain. It is an economic ecosystem built on top of the Stellar blockchain. By being built on top of Stellar, Afreum inherits all the advantages of the Stellar blockchain, including decentralization, fast and inexpensive transactions, ISO 20022 compliance, and fiat on-ramps and off-ramps.

Afreum is a global economic system with an ecosystem token AFR, a rewards and governance token AFRX, flexible price tokens for every country such as AKES (Kenya), ANGN (Nigeria), and AZAR (South Africa), and fiat tokens for each country pegged 1:1 with that country's fiat currency such as SKES (Kenya), SNGN (Nigeria), and SZAR (South Africa).

Afreum flexible tokens have a fixed supply and their price is determined by demand and supply in the market. As such they have potential for price to both increase or decrease based on market conditions. On the other hand, Afreum fiat tokens are always pegged 1:1 to the underlying fiat currency and can be redeemed for USDC at the fiat exchange rate to the US dollar. Put simply, fiat tokens will always have the same price as the underlying fiat currency, and will always be redeemable at current exchange rates for USDC.

You can acquire Afreum tokens, such as AFR and others, by swapping/trading local currency for Circle USDC or Stellar XLM via crypto on-ramps or Stellar clients such as Afreum Wallet, Stellarterm, StellarX or Lobstr, and trading or swapping these tokens for Afreum tokens. To cash out back to fiat you can do the same via crypto on-ramps that support this feature, selling tokens for USDC or XLM and cashing out via an exchange such as Binance, or trading peer-to-peer for local fiat via Afreum Cash.

You can use any Stellar blockchain-compatible wallet, such as Freighter, Lobstr, StellarX, Stellarterm, to swap, trade, send, or receive Afreum tokens such as AFR, AFRX, or flexible country tokens and fiat tokens. However, to take advantage of specific Afreum features such as Afreum Save, Afreum Pay, and Afreum Cash, you should use either Freighter browser extension, or Lobstr wallet app to connect to the Afreum website by clicking the wallet dropdown on the top right of the Afreum home page.
Privacy & Security

In terms of blockchain security, you don't have to trust Afreum, you just need to trust Stellar. Stellar is one of the earliest and most credible blockchains out there founded by the same person who founded Ripple. In order to ensure the highest level of security, Afreum does not require you to ever expose private keys to your Stellar accounts. Instead, you sign blockchain transactions either using Freighter, a browser extension wallet built by Stellar, or using the Lobstr wallet via WalletConnect.

The Afreum Blackpaper was written during the COVID-19 epidemic by Sahr Johnny, an Economics graduate from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Since the blackpaper was published, and the first version of apps launched, the Afreum project is now largely managed, and governed by a Community DAO, which puts forward, and votes on, proposals to develop and grow the ecosystem. The "Big Idea" put forward in the blackpaper is that regions such as Africa, and other parts of the world, with large numbers of unbanked or financially-excluded people have almost zero chance of equitable access to the international financial system. The solution is to build a new financial system without vested interest or intermediaries, giving a farmer in Uganda the same access as a stockbroker in New York.

Afreum is a non-custodial system and we don't manage any accounts such as email/password accounts or require them for login. Some Afreum apps may request personal data such as email addresses, phone numbers, or addresses for display purposes only. One example is Afreum Pay, where a user registering as a merchant may be required to provide information to display on a map, for opt-in notifications, or to confirm to a customer that they are a registered merchant. Afreum does not use this data for any external purposes.

AFR, AFRX, and all Afreum flexible country tokens have a locked supply (meaning no new tokens can ever be issued) that can be verified on-chain on Stellar Expert, the blockchain explorer for Stellar. You can confirm the total locked supply of each Afreum token from the Tokens page.