Afreum User Guide

Below you will find our User Guide for the Afreum Ecosystem. If you have any questions after reading you can contact us using the buttons below:

General Questions

Find out about Afreum Ecosystem, the whitepaper, tokens and more.

What is Afreum?

The Afreum whitepaper launched on 5th October 2020 with a mission to drive crypto adoption across Africa, while providing a way for international users to benefit by providing liquidity. Afreum is the name of the ecosystem and also the name of the main ecosystem token AFR. Read the Whitepaper

What is Afreum's Main Token?

Afreum's main token is AFREUM AFR, launched on the Stellar Network. This token has a fixed supply of 8 Billion AFR. 100 Million AFR (BEP 20) and 100 Million AFR (ERC 20) tokens are also available on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. The ecosystem also includes the AFRX incentives token, plus 155 flexible country tokens such as ANGN and AZAR and 155 stable country tokens such as SNGN and SZAR. Total locked supply of AFR tokens is 8,000,000,000 AFR

What is Afreum Wallet?

Afreum Wallet is a Stellar Network-compatible wallet that allows you to interact with Afreum apps through Freighter, a Stellar-built browser wallet extension for Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Kiwi browsers. You can also create accounts in popular Stellar wallets, and exchanges, which are compatible with Afreum and import them into Afreum Wallet.

Where can I buy Afreum?

As a first time user, the easiest way to Buy AFR (or any Afreum token) is to Buy XLM (the native token of the Stellar blockchain) with a credit or debit card HERE and trade or swap XLM for AFR tokens. After acquiring XLM you can swap or trade XLM for AFR (make sure issuer is Afreum.com) in those wallets or you can send the XLM to an address on Afreum.com and swap or trade them using Afreum Swap or Afreum Wallet (in the main menu).

Afreum is currently trading on Coinsbit.io with 2 pairs: AFR/USDT, and AFR/BUSD, and P2PB2B.io with 3 pairs: AFR/USDT, AFR/ETH, and AFR/BUSD as well as on Finexbox Exchange with 3 pairs: AFR/USDT, AFR/ETH, and AFR/BTC. More exchanges plus coin trackers such as Nomics, Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko.

We recommend using Afreum Wallet or one of the Stellar wallets for trading as there might be more liquidity available. You may connect accounts from the following Stellar wallets and exchanges to Afreum Wallet (by importing them into Freighter) for staking rewards, or create a new account on Afreum.com through the Freighter extension. Afreum Wallet [Recommended], Stellar Account Viewer (open and view account only), Interstellar.Exchange, Lobstr.co, Solarwallet.io. These wallets can also be used: Stellarterm.com, Stellarx.com, and Stellarport.io

How do I import a Stellar account?

Stellar Accounts are usable across Stellar blockchain-compatible wallets and exchanges, including Afreum Wallet. To import an account into Afreum Wallet, you will need your accounts Secret Key or Private Key (entered just once) which you import into the Freighter browser extension. Afreum will never store your private key.

How is my Secret Key secured?

When you create a Stellar account you receive 2 keys. A Public Key (starting with G) and a Private/Secret Key (starting with S). Your Public Key is used by others to send tokens to your account and CAN be shared. Your Private/Secret Key should never be given to anyone ever. When you "import" your Stellar account in Freighter, the Private Key is never sent to Afreum.

What can I do in Afreum Wallet?

Afreum Wallet allows you to Send, Receive, Buy, Sell, Add and place trade Offers for Stellar tokens using the Freighter browser extension. Your Afreum-related tokens, such as AFR, AFRX, ANGN, are visible and tradeable in any Stellar wallet, but Afreum Wallet lets you seamlessly interact and transact in the Afreum Ecosystem via the Freigter browser extension.

What are the Afreum Ecosystem apps?

Afreum Ecosystem apps include Afreum Save, allowing you to earn interest by saving your Afreum tokens for 1 month or more with interest calculated daily from the second day. In addition to earning interest you also receive FREE AFRX tokens, effectively doubling your interest. Afreum Stake allows you to STAKE your Afreum tokens to earn transaction fees or to perform atomic swaps between Afreum tokens and XLM.

How do I get started on Afreum?

If you don't have a Stellar account already, create one in the Freighter extension on this site, or in a Stellar wallet such as Stellarterm, fund it with at least 3 XLM (approx. 1.25 USD), and add the following tokens:



Import account into Freighter and view your Afreum tokens automatically in Afreum Wallet.

All set. What next?

Once your wallet is set up and you have imported it, you have a number of ways to acquire AFR tokens.

1. Purchase Stellar's native XLM token with a debit or credit card and then trade it for AFR (or other Afreum tokens) using Afreum Wallet or any Stellar wallet.

2. Use your original Stellar wallet to Trade or Swap XLM, or any Stellar token including ETH, BTC or USDT, for AFR.

These transactions take place on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (DEX) so you can even make an Offer at your preferred price, and the DEX will handle matching your offer.

3. Use Afreum Wallet to Trade XLM, or any other Afreum token, for AFR on the Stellar DEX, or use Afreum Swap to SWAP XLM, or any other Afreum token, for AFR.

Just like any other Stellar wallet or Exchange, Afreum Wallet allows you to Send, Receive, Trade or make an Offer for AFR or any other Afreum asset via the Stellar DEX, with the added option of performing instant atomic swaps in Afreum Swap.

What are the benefits for me?

Both international users and African users can Save (zero-risk up to 10% APY) Afreum tokens, including AFR, in Afreum Save to earn interest + FREE AFRX tokens, effectively doubling the interest you receive.

You can also Stake AFR, and other Afreum tokens, in Afreum Stake to earn an equal proportion of Swap transaction fees, and any other Afreum token, plus FREE AFRX tokens, effectively doubling returns.

Arbitrage opportunities may also exist due to differences in the Afreum Stake liquidity pool Swap rates and the Stellar DEX rates that you may take advantage of at any time.

Such arbitrage is also good for the health of the Afreum Ecosystem.

What are the on-ramps and off-ramps?

Currently, the most direct way to acquire AFR is using Stellar's native token XLM. XLM can be purchased in Stellar wallets, on Stellar exchanges, in other multi-token wallets such as Trust Wallet or Exodus, or on Centralized Exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken etc. Once you have acquired XLM, you simple send or withdraw it to your Stellar wallet or Afreum Wallet address.

With Afreum Bridge, it is also possible to acquire AFR by swapping any BEP 20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain, via Pancake Swap, Bakery Swap or 1inch Exchange, for AFR (BEP 20), and then swapping AFR (BEP 20) for AFR (Stellar). The same will be possible on Ethereum, once AFR (ERC 20) swap pools are live.

Fiat on-ramps and off-ramps for Africans are enabled via Afreum Cash, which allows Nigerians, for example, to enter the Afreum Ecosystem with Nigerian Naira. Afreum Cash, together with related apps, will be the main catalyst for driving financial inclusion, and crypto adoption across the African continent.