About Afreum

What's the history and the vision behind the Afreum project?

The Afreum Whitepaper was launched on October 5, 2020 with the mission of building a self-contained cryptocurrency-based economy that is more inclusive, more equitable, and more fair. Originally conceived as an Ethereum project, Afreum transitioned to the Stellar Blockchain the following month, leveraging Stellar's fast and inexpensive transactions.

The Afreum Ecosystem is composed of payments and decentralized finance apps powered by AFREUM (AFR), AFREUM X (AFRX), 105 flexible country tokens (ANGN, AZAR etc.), and 104 stable utility tokens (SNGN, SZAR etc.) converting 1:1 with local fiat. All this coupled with low to zero fees makes Afreum a compelling financial platform for both international crypto users and financially-excluded users in places like Africa and beyond.

Afreum DAO is the decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO) tasked with the development of the Afreum ecosystem. The DAO Charter lays out the rules of the Main DAO and the operations of various Sub-DAOs such as the Executive Sub-DAO, the Tech/Marketing Sub-DAO, the Compliance Sub-DAOs, and Afreum Court. DAO apps such as Afreum Forum and Afreum Vote ensure that ecosystem proposals are surfaced, discussed, voted on and scheduled for execution by holders of the AFRX token. Find out more about Afreum DAO

As a first time user, the easiest way to Buy AFR (or any Afreum token) is to Buy XLM (the native token of the Stellar blockchain) with a credit or debit card HERE and trade or swap XLM for AFR tokens. After acquiring XLM you can swap or trade XLM for AFR (make sure issuer is Afreum.com) in those wallets or you can send the XLM to an address on Afreum.com and swap or trade them using Afreum Swap or Afreum Wallet (in the main menu).

There are other ways to acquire the AFR token especially if you are more familiar with crypto. Afreum is currently trading on centralized exchanges such as Coinsbit.io with 2 pairs: AFR/USDT and AFR/BUSD, and on P2PB2B.io with 3 pairs: AFR/USDT, AFR/ETH, and AFR/BUSD as well as on Finexbox Exchange with 3 pairs: AFR/USDT, AFR/ETH, and AFR/BTC. Discover more about the AFR token and the exchanges that list it on Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko and Nomics.

It is also possible to buy AFR tokens over the counter (OTC) using popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin

There are many way to trade Afreum tokens such as AFR, and other tradeable tokens such as our flexible tokens. These tokens usually trade against XLM, the native Stellar blockchain token, and against USDC, a US dollar stablecoin. By buying low and selling high you could potentially increase the value of your portfolio (not financial advice). You can trade AFR tokens in:

Afreum Wallet
Trade AFR tokens for XLM or USDC right on this site via Afreum Wallet. Click View on your account, and View on the token you want to trade. Get a quote on your preferred token pair and proceed to make a trade or offer.

Stellarterm is a decentralized trading interface for the Stellar blockchain that supports the use of hardware wallets such as Ledger. You can trade the AFR/XLM pair or pairs featuring other Afreum tokens. Check the correct issuer for Afreum tokens on our Tokens page.

Lobstr is one of the most popular wallets for the Stellar blockchain. You can trade the AFR/XLM pair or pairs featuring other Afreum tokens. Check the correct issuer for Afreum tokens on our Tokens page.

Stellarx is a beautiful wallet and trading interface for the Stellar blockchain. Unfortunately, Stellar X is curated which means you can find the AFR token but other Afreum tokens may not be available. Feel free to contact Stellar X support to add other Afreum tokens to their curated list. You can trade the AFR/XLM pair or pairs featuring other Afreum tokens. Check the correct issuer for Afreum tokens on our Tokens page.

You might be surprised to know that AFR tokens are also available on Binance Smart Chain as BEP 20 tokens and on Ethereum as ERC 20. There are only 100,000,000 AFR (BEP 20) and 100,000,000 AFR (BEP 20) tokens in existence. The BEP 20 they are relatively thinly traded and the ERC 20 tokens are not yet traded. We expect more liquidity for these bridge tokens in the future. You can hold and swap in and out of AFR (BEP 20) tokens using BNB or BUSD on Pancake Swap. The contract addresses for these tokens are: BEP 20: 0x0A5bc35F81C4e12A5aa6c09144D33f5DA7b9CeEC and ERC 20: 0x9BDe1b41187F62fFA812e7c3d00F5A22Df9a3a19

Savings is the bedrock of any healthy economy? Who doesn't want to watch their money grow? You can use Afreum Save to lock up your tokens for 30 days or more earning daily interest at 6% to 10% APY, including earning AFRX rewards and governance tokens in the process. Check it out.

Using Afreum Stake you can potentially grow your portfolio by staking Afreum tokens and or XLM in Stellar automatic market maker (AMM) liquidity pools, earning a proportional share of swap transaction fees. If the value of the pool moves in your favor you could also earn from the token appreciation. Liquidity pool staking in Afreum Stake is a riskier alternative to Afreum Save but could yield better rewards for savvy users.

Sometimes the order books on the Stellar decentralized exchange are thin and you just want to swap Afreum tokens instantly. You can do this in Afreum Stake by exchanging say XLM for AFR in Stellar liquidity pools instantly.

Afreum stable tokens starting with "S" are the least understood of the Afreum Ecosystem tokens, probably because their utility outside of the context of specific countries is not immediately apparent. Stable tokens such as SNGN, SUSD, or SEUR maintain 1:1 convertibility with their fiat counterparts. You can hold stable tokens as a speculative currency play e.g. buy SGBP when the British Pound is low against the dollar and exchange it for USDC when the British Pound is high, pocketing the difference. This is possible because Afreum maintains fully-backed USDC reserves against all our stable tokens. You can swap USDC for stable tokens and stable tokens for USDC at any time from our Stable Tokens page.

Not everyone has a debit or credit card, or even a bank account but we want financially-excluded users to also participate. That's why we created Afreum Cash, a peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange that allows users to swap Afreum tokens with fiat currencies with each other in a safe escrow environment.