Afreum Cash Enabler

Afreum Cash Enabler (ACE) Guide

Welcome to Afreum Cash Enabler (ACE). Afreum is helping to drive financial freedom and crypto adoption in Africa through Afreum Cash, and the Afreum Cash Enabler program, known as ACE, is an important part of that effort. ACEs help grow the Afreum ecosystem by creating offers to buy or sell tokens locally in Afreum Cash. In return they earn commissions (up to 10%) and incentives (10%). To qualify for the Afreum Cash Enabler program, you must have successfully completed 10 Trades within Afreum Cash. Subsequent trades will receive the incentives automatically.

Once you have completed 10 Afreum Cash trades, please register for the ACE program, and access our ACE User Guide, using the form below:

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