Afreum Cash Documentation

Discover how to use Afreum Cash to BUY or SELL Afreum tokens using USD or local African fiat such as Nigerian Naira (NGN) or South African Rand (ZAR). More international currency options such as EUR, GBP, and others, will be added in the future. You will also learn how to start a money exchange business using Afreum Cash, either as an Afreum Cash Enabler (Individual) or Afreum Cash Enabler (Merchant). In the following documentation the acronym A.C.E. will be used as a shorthand for Afreum Cash Enabler

What is Afreum Cash?
Afreum Cash (Beta) is a peer-to-peer exchange that allows you to transact directly with other users to buy or sell Afreum tokens. You transact in Afreum Cash either by accepting one of the Offers created by other users, or by creating an Offer of your own. An Offer is a commitment to buy or sell tokens with payment made by the other party using your specified payment method. An example Offer would be something like: Buy 100,000 - 1,000,000 AFR using USD, at existing market rate, and paying via Bank Transfer (International).

Afreum Cash - Peer-to-peer Exchange

Afreum Cash is a peer-to-peer exchange powered by people.

The best way is to use an example. Suppose you created this offer: Buy 1,000,000 AFR using USD and paying via Bank Transfer (International). The offer will be viewed by other users and a Seller may start a trade to Sell you 100,000 AFR at the rate you specified, and using the payment method you indicated. Once a trade has been initiated by the Seller, the status button of your offer will change to "Trading ..." and you may click this button to start executing the transaction.

In the example above, you are the buyer so the Seller needs to first release 100,000 AFR into the Afreum escrow account. Using the Chat button on the trading page you would have first confirmed all transaction details, including in this example, bank account information and so on. Once the Seller has sent the tokens to the escrow, you may click the Escrow button on the trading page to confirm the status of the escrow. Once the escrow is confirmed, you may send payment for the tokens to the Seller using the sellers payment details. Once the seller has received payment, they will release the escrowed tokens to your Afreum wallet account. Click on the Confirm button on the trading page to confirm that the tokens have been released from escrow to your account. You may also check your account to confirm that the escrow release transaction was executed and the tokens are in your wallet. Once you have confirmed release please Rate the other user from 1 to 5 base on the trading experience.
To use Afreum Cash successfully it is important to know the difference between an Offer and a Trade.

Offer: An Offer is like an advertisement that you put out telling the market 1. Which token you want to transact in. 2. Which fiat should be used. 3. Are you buying or selling? 4. What is the range of token amounts you are willing to accept trades for. 5. Are you trading at market rate, below market, or above market rate. Once create, your Offer is listed on the Afreum Cash Offers page for other users to browse.

Trade: A Trade is started when you accept the terms of an existing Offer, and starting a transaction. When you start a Trade, you specify how many tokens you would like to Buy or Sell, and which payment method will be used for the fiat transaction. Once you start a Trade on an existing Offer, the status button of the offer will be changed to "Trading ..." and you must conclude the transaction before others can start trades on the offer.

The Afreum Cash user interface is a contextual one, meaning that it behaves differently based on your context. Contexts include things like are you logged in or not, which country offers are you currently browsing, your registered country and/or city and so on. Let's walk through all the different contexts that might affect what you see, and what you can do, in Afreum Cash.

CONTEXT 1: User Not Logged In - If you visit Afreum Cash without logging in to, you may still browse all the Offers currently available but you would have to log into your account to create Offers or start Trades. Using the navigation buttons at the top of the Offers page, you can sort offers by Country, City, Payment Method or Show All. Create Offer buttons are not visible in this context.

Afreum Cash - Peer-to-peer Exchange

You can Browse Afreum Cash Offers without logging into your account.

CONTEXT 2: User Logged In - If you visit Afreum Cash after logging in to, you may browse all the Offers currently available and create Offers or start Trades. Using the navigation buttons at the top of the Offers page, you can sort offers by Country, City, Payment Method or Show All. In addition you can show only Offers created by you. Create Offer buttons are in this context but their contents depend on some other contexts such as your registered country. If you have not selected a specific country in the navigation buttons on the top of the page, it means you are in international mode can and only buy or sell Afreum tokens against USD. If you wish to trade using a local country fiat such as Nigerian Naira or South African Rand, you may do so by selecting the country at the top of the page. Once you are in country mode, the buy and sell buttons will be updated allowing you to transact in the local token of that country, either using USD or the local country currency if your registration is from the same country.

Afreum Cash - Peer-to-peer Exchange

If you don't select a specific country you can only create Offers that trade AFR with USD.

In summary, if you want to conduct transactions in local country fiat, you need to first select the country in the drop-down list and you must be registered in the same country, otherwise only USD trades transactions are possible.

Afreum Cash - Peer-to-peer Exchange

If you select a specific country you can create Offers that trade the local token of the country with USD. To create offers trading the local token for local fiat, you need to be registered with the same country.

When there aren't many Offers listed with the trading pairs you want, or your preferred rate or payment method, you can create a new Offer. To create a new Offer log into, navigate to Afreum Cash, and click one of the create offer buttons. If you do not select a country first, you can create Buy or Sell offers for AFR using USD. By selecting a country first, you have the option to create a Buy or Sell offer for a local token like ANGN, and if the selected country is the same as the country your account is registered with, you may also trade AFR or local tokens against local fiat such as Nigerian Naira or South African Rand.

Once you click the relevant create offer button you will be taken to the New Offer screen. Select the City (relevant only for Face-to-Face trades), enter the range of the amount of tokens you are willing to trade, determine whether the trade will happen at market rate, or up to 10% above market rate (Sell Offers) or up to 10% below market rate (Buy Offers). Next, you select the Payment Methods you will support and enter Instructions for the trade, including payment details. It is important to make it clear in the Instructions field how you trade and provide all payment information required for a successful trade. After you click the Create New Offer button, your Offer will appear on the offers page. How high up your Offer appears on the page depends on a number of factors, including whether you are an A.C.E. (see relevant section below), whether you are Online, and other criteria.

Afreum Cash - Peer-to-peer Exchange

Creating a new offer is fast and easy.

Once an Offer is created, it can't be edited. You can cancel it by clicking the Cancel Offer button on the offers page. Please note that you can only cancel Offers that do not have an ongoing Trade. Cancelled Offers cannot be recovered. You will have to create a new one.

Afreum Cash - Peer-to-peer Exchange

Cancel an Offer by clicking the Cancel Offer button on the offers list.

You can start a Trade on an existing Offer by clicking the Buy [Token] Now or Sell [Token] Now buttons. On the Trade page input the token amount. The equivalent fiat amount will be calculated automatically based on the market rate and the markup of the Offer. Select your preferred Payment Method and click the Sell [Token] for [Fiat] or Buy [Token] with [Fiat] button to save the Trade. Once a Trade has been created, the other party will receive an email notification as well as an indication of an ongoing Trade on the notification bell at the top of the Afreum website. It is always a good idea to execute trades quickly, resulting in a better user experience for every one. It is possible to cancel a Trade only before funds have been sent to Escrow, so it important to confirm everything with the other part via Chat before sending funds to Escrow. A note of warning, cancelled Trades are not good for the reputation of either party.

Afreum Cash - Peer-to-peer Exchange

Starting a Trade is as easy as clicking a button.

In Afreum Cash, the Trade Flow is organized along 4 simple steps: 1. Trade 2. Chat 3. Escrow 4. Confirm and a final step to rate the other user. Successful trades mean moving through the steps quickly and not keeping the other party waiting. If you are the Seller, send tokens to the Escrow account quickly after confirming all details with the Buyer. It is good practice to enter as much payment information as possible in the Offer instructions to prevent delays. It is important to follow the steps of the flow of trade and to use the payment method indicated by the creator of the Offer. If you are accepting the Offer, start the Trade, chat with the other party to confirm details, send the tokens to escrow if you are the Seller, ask the other party for payment, then release the tokens from escrow to the other party's account.

Afreum Cash - Peer-to-peer Exchange

Follow our simple Trade Flow for successful Afreum Cash transactions.

The Escrow and Confirm pages are probably the most important parts of the trade flow besides creating the Trade itself. The Escrow page is where both parties confirm that the Tokens involved in the trade have been placed in the Afreum Escrow account. Once the Seller has placed the tokens in Escrow, it is safe for the Buyer to make the fiat payment for the transaction. If the Seller refuses to release the tokens for any reason, a dispute can be opened by sending an email to [email protected]. In the future, a dispute resolution interface will be built to facilitate the dispute process. Confirm that tokens have been release from the Escrow account by the buyer by clicking the Confirm button. Finally, do take the time to rate each other honestly and fairly, as this helps other users identify good traders.

Afreum Cash - Peer-to-peer Exchange

Trade with piece of mind thanks to the Afreum Cash Escrow account. Tokens are held in Escrow until payment is received.

Afreum Cash uses a 2-step Escrow confirmation. Once a party sends tokens to Escrow, the action is confirmed immediately on the Escrow page and a second confirmation on the blockchain is also carried out. Please wait for the second confirmation before proceeding with fiat payment. When a party releases tokens from Escrow to the other user's account the same confirmation process is used. If the escrow release is confirmed you will see a confirmation message and a rating form to rate the other user.

Afreum Cash - Peer-to-peer Exchange

You may proceed to the next step once the Escrow is confirmed.

You can view the Profile of any user by clicking the Account in the Offer list. When you view your own Profile, additional options such as Edit Profile, Verify Email, Verify Mobile and Trade History are available to you on the top right of the profile page. It is good practice to verify both your e-mail and mobile phone number to build trust with other users.

Afreum Cash - Peer-to-peer Exchange

View the Profile of any users by clicking the account in the offers list.

If you create Offers, it is very important that you can be reached quickly either by being Online or via email or SMS. It is possible to create a successful token exchange business in Afreum Cash by creating Offers for multiple token/fiat pairs. As more people create Offers, however, you may not be able to have large markups on exchange rates but trade volume is also an important factor of success. Everytime you log in to Afreum Wallet, the status of your Offers will be changed to Online. To indicate that you are Offline and prevent people from starting Trades with you that cannot be completed in time, always remember to log out of In the future we will add a feature where you can simple click the Online status on your Offers to indicate that you are going Offline. If you have a new Trade starting, you will receive an email and an indicator on the notification bell at the top of the Afreum website.

Afreum Cash - Peer-to-peer Exchange

Online status indication and new Trade notification bell.

In P2P transactions it is very important to build trust with a good trade track record, a high number of successful trades, and good ratings from other users. One of the best ways to build trust and earn 10-15% of trade volume on your offers in AFRX rewards, is to become an Afreum Cash Enabler (A.C.E.). As an A.C.E., your Offers are listed at the top of the Offer Page and your A.C.E. status is indicated with a crown.

Becoming an Afreum Cash Enabler or A.C.E. is very simple. After you have achieved 10 successful Trades on your offers, visit the A.C.E. page on and click on the registration tab. You will be automatically enrolled in the Afreum Cash Enabler (Individual) program and all subsequent trades on your offers will earn 10% of the Trade token amount in AFRX rewards. AFRX is our rewards and governance token, and in the near future AFRX holders will be able to vote on Afreum Ecosystem initiatives.

After 50 successful Trades, its is possible to register for the Afreum Cash Enabler (Merchant) program to earn 15% of the Trade token amount in AFRX rewards. Registrants to the merchant program need to provide a business/commercial address where people can go to conduct Afreum Cash transactions, and provide proof of address. It is envisaged that members of the Afreum Cash Enabler (Merchant) program will be upgraded to the Afreum Merchant Program (AMP), which is our future retail and payments program, to earn even more rewards.