Afreum Tycoon Play to Earn Game
Afreum Tycoon Game

Afreum Tycoon is a gaming project by Afreum that combines Play to Earn gaming, NFTs, and Financial Education in a financial simulation game based on real economics and with real crypto rewards. Players progress through real-world scenarios such as education, career, entrepreneurship, and ultimately wealth creation and prestige. The game will be set in the fictional world of Afreumania, and users will be able to convert the assets they acquire in the game into real cryptocurrency through a dedicated NFT Marketplace.

Afreum Tycoon Economics Engine
Economics Engine
Underpinning the game will be a realistic Economics Engine with dynamic wages, prices, inflation, time value of money, and in-game monetary and fiscal policy. Players do not need to understand the economic dynamics and can focus on traditional methods of wealth creation such as gaining an education, earning income, saving, and starting or investing in a business. Players will be able to start factories or engage in financial services, such as starting a bank, or engage in retail activities selling products created by other players.
Afreum Tycoon In-Game Assets
In-Game Assets
All assets acquired in the game are NFTs, have real-world value which can be realized through a dedicated NFT Marketplace, and can be created and sold both in-game and in the real world. Such assets include land, buildings, products such as cars, houses, and yachts, and companies. Players can acquire these assets through hard-work (in-game activities) or by acquisition in the NFT marketplace.
Afreum Tycoon Game Tokens
Game Tokens
Afreum Tycoon will feature its own in-game currency which can be exchanged for tokens such as AFR and AFRX, or invested into in-game NFT assets that can be upgraded and sold on the NFT marketplace for real tokens. Since the value of in-game assets will be subject to inflation and other economic variables, players will have to make decisions on whether to build wealth in-game or leverage the pricing dynamics of the NFT marketplace.
Afreum Tycoon Financial Education
Financial Education
The game instructions and in-game tutorials of Afreum Tycoon, will have the dual roles of both teaching players how to progress in the game, and teaching them about financial concepts such as savings, investments, inflation, capital and labour allocation, and much more. Players who excel at the game can not only reap the Play to Earn rewards but also learn vital skills that will also help them acquire and grow wealth in the real world. We call this Play to Learn.
Afreum Tycoon Development Roadmap
Development Roadmap
It is envisaged that the beta Web version of the game will launch at the end of Q1 2022, with Android and iOS versions following sometime in Q2 2022. Stay tuned for development updates which will be posted on this page.