Buy Afreum tokens OTC using popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, and more. Minimum purchase value is $100. Maximum purchase value is $100000.

A Stellar blockchain wallet address is required to hold Afreum tokens. The address must be activated (holding at least 3 XLM), and the token you are purchasing must be already added to the account. Optionally, you should also add the AFRX token if you wish to stake your tokens in Afreum Save to earn up to 10% APY.

If you don't have a Stellar blockchain address you may Create Stellar Account Here. If you need help setting up a Stellar blockchain account on Afreum.com, and adding tokens to the account, check out these videos: Create New Stellar Account On Afreum.com and Import Stellar Account from Another Wallet [Watch from 7:20].

If you need to swap smaller Afreum token amounts, you can trade XLM for the token using Afreum Wallet, or any other Stellar DEX wallet. To acquire larger amounts please contact us at otc @ afreum.com or DM @Afreum1 on Telegram.

MIN: 9,102.5673366 ASAR ($100.00)
MAX: 9,102,567.3366113 ASAR ($100,000.00)
MARKET RATE: 1 ASAR = 0.000000640763564674 BTC

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