Acquire/Redeem Stable Tokens

You can acquire Afreum Stable Tokens such as SNGN, SEUR, or SUSD at current exchange rates with USDC to use for local payments with Afreum Pay, send to anyone using Afreum Wallet, or transfer them peer-to-peer with other users via Afreum Cash, our P2P exchange. Stable tokens maintain the same exchange rate as the underlying fiat (1 SUSD = 1 USD), are not officially traded but can be acquired and redeemed with USDC at current market rates here on Afreum stable tokens are fully backed with USDC reserves. A 1% transaction fee is charged to discourage speculative acquisitions and redemptions.

Afreum Stable Tokens allow you to seamlessly move value between the fiat world and the world of crypto to leverage DeFi (Afreum Save), remittances (Afreum Remit), and crypto-based payments (Afreum Pay) without taking on the risk of adverse cryptocurrency price movements.