Afreum in 2021
We've made it through official launch on October 5, 2020, the well-received Afreum Whitepaper, and a problematic but wildly successful airdrop in which we so far distributed over 500 Million AFR tokens to more than 5000 people in. The team is now focused on the upcoming release of the Afreum Wallet, which will give AFR holders, and holders of our local country utility tokens, access to DeFi-like features and mobile payments.

Different Stellar wallets have different ways of adding a custom token like AFR to your account. You generally do this by either searching for AFR, or, and clicking an Add Asset button. Some wallets require you to add an AFR trustline. If asked, please enter the following information:

Asset Code: AFR

Asset Issuer:

Afreum is building a new payments ecosystem for Africa on the Stellar blockchain. Powered by AFREUM (AFR), AFREUM X (AFRX), and AFREUM LOCAL country-specific tokens (e.g. ANGN, AZAR etc.), and a suite of mobile applications (savings, transfers, cash, payments, remittances, jobs, trade, investment, loans, jobs, mobile minutes, liquidity staking, and games), the Afreum Ecosystem provides new opportunities for DeFi staking and liquidity mining for international crypto users, while powering fast, inexpensive transactions, and payments for African users.
Prior to launch of the Afreum Wallet in January 2021, you can purchase AFR tokens in any Stellar network wallet, including,,,,, and (swap only):

Where to buy AFR

Buy AFR with Solar Wallet
Solar Wallet

XLM-AFR with Solar Wallet

Buy with a XLM-AFR trade using Solar Wallet. First time users will need to add AFR as a CUSTOM ASSET and add a trustline using the info below:

Asset Code: AFR

Asset Issuer:


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