Afreum is IMAGINEERING a global, decentralized, financially inclusive crypto-based economy on the Stellar blockchain, powered by AFR, AFRX, 155 flexible country tokens, 155 utility stable tokens, and a suite of DeFi and Payments apps focused on the Africa use case, but applicable to disenfranchised populations around the world. Together we can revolutionize money to achieve our mission of UNITY, CLARITY, and EQUITY.

Apps include a Stellar blockchain wallet Afreum Wallet, Afreum Save, Afreum Earn, Afreum Cash, Afreum Pay, and much more powered by AFR, AFRX, and 155 flexible country tokens and 155 stable country tokens. Check Rates of Afreum tokens against major fiat and cryptocurrencies. Discover the Afreum DAO Charter or find out more about the Afreum Ecosystem.


Afreum is bringing
money into the crypto age

We do this by combining tokens for every country on the planet with financially inclusive apps that disenfranchised populations need to improve their lives, such as payments, savings, loans, remittances, investments, and much more. More Info

Afreum Apps

Crypto-powered apps by Afreum
Afreum Wallet

Afreum Wallet

A Stellar blockchain wallet that facilitates transactions in XLM, AFR, AFRX and local country tokens. View Now

Afreum Save

Afreum Save

Earn up to 10% APY by saving (staking) your Afreum tokens in Afreum Save with zero withdrawal fees. Save Now

Afreum Stake

Afreum Stake

Stake Afreum tokens such as AFR in Stellar AMM liquidity pools to earn a portion of transaction fees. Earn Now

Afreum Pay

Afreum Pay

Pay merchants and settle invoices using Afreum tokens, including country tokens, by simply scanning a QR Code. Pay Now

Africa Population

Africa is the region of the world with the highest potential for crypto


Africa Population

How we are doing


October 2020

Published the Afreum Whitepaper on 5th October 2020, outlining a clear vision for developing payments and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications for Africa, and other parts of the world

January 2021

Launched Afreum Wallet, a Stellar blockchain wallet that allows users to send, receive, trade, and create offers on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

March 2021

Launched Afreum Save, a savings and time depost Web app that allows users to save any Afreum token and earn 2%, 4%, or 6% depending on saving period

May 2021

Launched Afreum Earn, allowing users to stake or swap across over 40 liquidity pools and earn 10% rewards plus a proportional share of pool transaction fees

July 2021

Launched Afreum Cash, a peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange that allows users to exchange Afreum tokens for fiat, or fiat for Afreum tokens, using an escrow service

August 2021

Started listing on Centralized Exchanges (CEX) including FinexBox, P2PB2B, Coinsbit, and preparing for Coin Gecko and Coin Market Cap listings

December 2021

Re-launched Afreum Cash, allowing anyone anywhere in the world to trade Afreum tokens for fiat, or cryptocurrency, via a frictionless peer-to-peer exchange

April 2022

Afreum Airdrop 2 airdrops 51% of the supply of Afreum flexible airdrop tokens to the community, kickstarting the move to decentralization

June 2022

Afreum burns 61% of the supply of Afreum (AFR) tokens reducing the total supply to 8 Billion AFR.

August 2022

Afreum publishes the Afreum DAO Charter, paving the way for decentralization and community management of the Afreum Ecosystem.

Q4 2022

Afreum officially launched launched acquisition and redemption of 150+ Afreum stable country tokens backed 100% by Circle USDC with live reserve monitoring.

Q1 2023

Afreum launched Afreum Pay, a global QR Code payment system and the Afreum Pay Agent Network, which will build out a network of Afreum Pay agents around the world. In Q1, we will also launch apps for referals, remittances, lending, and relaunch Afreum Cash.

Q2 2023

In the second quarter of 2023, Afreum will launch its Afreum Tycoon NFT game, Afreum NFT marketplace, Afreum Work, Afreum API, and Afreum 2.0, a new ecosystem interface supporting Stellar blockchain smart contracts.

Our data

Token Distribution

Below is the original AFR token allocation. Afreum's AFR token distribution has changed post a 61% token burn on May 31, 2022

Upon launch of Afreum DAO, the advisory board was disbanded and tokens transferred to treasury and the Main DAO Operations Wallet

  • 52% Circulating Supply
  • 6% Reserve
  • 12% Foundation
  • 11% Treasury/Marketing/Development
  • 19% Founders & Advisors
  • Name: AFREUM
  • Symbol: AFR
  • Issuer:
  • Issuer Address: GBX6YI45VU7WN...
  • Platform: Stellar Blockchain
  • Total Supply: 7,999,986,305 AFR
Token description

AFREUM (AFR) is a Stellar blockchain token and the main token of the Afreum Ecosystem. 100 Million AFR were burned and released as AFR (BEP 20) tokens on Binance Smart Chain.

In addition to AFR, the ecosystem also includes the AFRX incentives and governance token, and 310 country tokens, including flexible and stable tokens. More Details


Afreum Token Data

AFR Supply
AFRX Supply
AFR Circulating
Total No. of Tokens


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Afreum and the AFR and AFRX tokens only for Africans?

    Not at all. Crypto adoption in Africa, and elsewhere, needs everyone's help. Afreum is designed with this in mind. International crypto users can HODL the AFR and AFRX tokens (and the country tokens) and use them in Afreum Pay, or to provide liquidity to Afreum apps earning interest, a share of fees, and other incentives usually paid in AFRX, our governance token. This means in the future international holders of AFRX can help shape the direction of Afreum by voting with their AFRX tokens. More FAQs

  • Which other wallets apart from Afreum Wallet can I transact Afreum tokens with?

    You can use any Stellar wallet or exchange to send, receive or trade Afreum tokens, as long as you have an account and have added the tokens to your wallet. In Stellar speak these are called "Trustlines". Each wallet uses different language but essentially, on Stellar you need to add tokens manually, sometimes by searching for the issuer (e.g. in our case) or searching for the token symbol (e.g. AFR in our case) and or the issuer address.

  • Can I trade AFR on centralized exchanges like Binance?

    Yes you can. We are not listed on Binance yet but you can currently trade AFR on,, and

  • Which tokens should I add to my wallet or buy?

    Apart from Stellar XLM, which you need to activate your wallet and pay transaction, at the minimum you should add trustlines to the AFR and AFRX tokens. If you would like to use local Afreum tokens in your country in Afreum Pay or Afreum Cash, the stable and flexible country tokens of your country will prove useful. For example if you are in Nigeria, you would want add AFR, AFRX, ANGN, and SNGN tokens to your wallet to take full advantage of the Afreum Ecosystem.

  • Who is the founder of Afreum and why should I trust him?

    Afreum was founded by a London born polymath who comes from a well-known family from Sierra Leone West Africa. He graduated with a degree in Economics, from the London School of Economics and Political Science (University of London) and has founded several startups and worked in content and advertising for some of the top brands of the world. He founded Afreum after a 30 year career in Asia as a way to do something for Africa, his homeland, and other disenfranchised populations around the world.

  • Do you have any communities I can join to ask questions?

    Yes. Please join our group on Telegam at


Discover Afreum Tokens

Get to know some of the 312 tokens that make up the Afreum ecosystem

Afreum X (AFRX)
Governance Token
South African Rand
Nigerian Naira
Swiss Franc
Argentine Peso
British Pound
Venezuelan Bolivar
All Flex Tokens

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