Crypto for Africa!
The time is now.

Introducing AFR and AFRX tokens on the Stellar blockchain.


Customized Tokens and DAPPs for Africa

Afreum is building the ecosystem that will define the future of blockchain and decentralized transactions in Africa, and everyone is invited. Holders of AFREUM (AFR) and AFREUM X (AFRX) will be able to stake their tokens across the Afreum ecosystem, allowing Africans to access Payments, Remittances, Savings, Micro-Loans, Mobile Minutes and much more.

The goal of Afreum is for AFREUM (AFR) to become the de facto digital token in Africa, powering a rich ecosystem of governance tokens, local stable coins, SMS and traditional wallets, as well as a suite of customized DAPPs designed to drive crypto adoption in Africa. For more detailed information on the Afreum ecosystem, please download our Whitepaper by clicking the button above, or connect with us by clicking the social media links below.



Participate in AFREUM (AFR) token Private-Sale

Early bird discounts of up to 50% OFF token launch price. The crowdsale discount will be only 30%.

Please note that Afreum (AFR) and Afreum X (AFRX) are Stellar platform tokens that are initially only tradeable on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange. Stellar Lumens (XLM) are required to participate in the Pre-Sale. Due to regulations in certain jurisdictions this pre-sale is not open to citizens of the USA, and other regulated jurisdictions.)


Private Sale Target

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1 Nov 2020 (30 days) 31 Nov 2020
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