Afreum Bridge

Afreum Bridge enables cross-chain bridging at 1:1 parity between AFR (Stellar) and AFR (BEP 20) on Binance Smart Chain or AFR (ERC 20) on the Ethereum blockchain. Participate in non-Stellar DeFi protocols such as Liquidity Pools or cash out into non-Stellar assets. Only 100 Million AFR (BEP 20) and 100 Million AFR (ERC 20) can be bridged in this way and the equivalent AFR (Stellar) tokens are removed from circulation. IMPORTANT: There is a significant price disparity between the AFR token on Stellar, and on other chains. To discourage purely speculative bridging we have initially set Bridging Fees to 10%. The fees will be gradually lowered as we approach price parity between the chains.

MIN: 100000 MAX: FEE:

Note: Please check Bridge Wallet address and your receiving address carefully before proceeding. You assume all responsibility for any losses due to you providing incorrect receiving address information or failing to verify the Bridge Wallet address you are sending tokens to. It may take up to 24 hours for tokens to appear in your wallet.

Bridge Amount To Amount Fee Date Status
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