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Deposit any Afreum token into Afreum Save to earn up to 4-15% interest per year depending on the token and your Loyalty Tier. Interest is calculated daily and part of the interest is paid in the deposited token, with the rest, including loyalty bonuses, paid in AFRX, our rewards and DAO governance token. Minimum deposit is $1 worth of each token. Withdraw at any time. Fees may apply depending on your Loyalty Tier.

IMPORTANT: The original version of Afreum Save (1.0) is being sunsetted. If you still have deposits in Afreum Save 1.0 you can withdraw them by clicking here.

Savings: All Tokens

6-15% APY

Savings: Flexible Tokens

6-15% APY

Savings: Fiat Tokens

8-12% APY
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Token Available Action
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