Afreum DAO
Afreum DAO

Afreum DAO is the community-powered decentralized autonomous organization that will drive the development of the Afreum ecosystem into the future. The DAO was announced on January 5th, 2022, and since then, the Afreum team has started planning for the full decentralization of the Afreum ecosystem. The launch of Afreum DAO starts with the publication of the Afreum DAO Charter, which outlines how AFREUM X (AFRX) holders can propose ideas, and vote, on how to drive the Afreum ecosystem forward.

The launch of Afreum DAO draws a line in the sand, relegating the role of the founding team to implementing the DAO, and helping to shape proposals that grow the Afreum ecosystem as defined in the Afreum Whitepaper while adhering to the principles of the Afreum Manifesto. The post-Whitepaper roadmap shall be determined exclusively by the Afreum DAO, while philanthropic and social enterprise endeavors of the project will be managed separately by a foundation.

Participation in Afreum DAO is limited to accounts holding AFREUM X (AFRX) tokens. Since AFRX tokens are primarily distributed as rewards in the Afreum, this essentially limits DAO participation to accounts that have historically contributed to the development of Afreum.

AFRX Token

The incentives and governance token of the Afreum Ecosystem
Afreum X - AFRX

Afreum X or AFRX tokens are the governance tokens staked to submit proposals, pay Sub-DAO members, earn rewards for successful proposals or cases in Afreum Court. You can acquire AFRX tokens by:

Buy with XLM on Stellar DEX Swap AFR for AFRX in Stellar AMMs Earn AFRX in Afreum Save

Main DAO

Afreum DAO is divided into a Main DAO and Sub-DAOs
Afreum Main DAO

The Main DAO of Afreum DAO is open to all AFRX holders who can submit proposals and vote on the way the DAO’s Investment Wallet is used, as well as the rules governing the community.

Executive Sub-DAO

Executive Committee of 3 Elected Stellar Addresses
Afreum Executive Sub-DAO

The Executive Sub-DAO is an elected committee that facilitates strategic alignment across the Afreum DAO and allocates funds from the Operations Wallet.

Tech Sub-DAO

Technology Committee of 3 Elected Stellar Addresses
Tech Sub-DAO

The Technology Sub-DAO is an elected committee that checks and integrates technology-related proposals and code submissions, and organises tech audits as needed.

Compliance Sub-DAO

Compliance Committee of 3 Elected Stellar Addresses
Compliance Sub-DAO

The Compliance Sub-DAO is an elected committee that facilitates conversations on ethics, risk and sustainability, and is equipped with veto power to guard the network.

Afreum Court

Dispute Resolution by the Community
Afreum Court

The Afreum Court is a dispute resolution system that allows all AFRX holders to challenge malicious proposals and protect the DAO against 51% attacks.