Afreum DAO
Afreum DAO

Afreum DAO is the community-powered decentralized autonomous organization that will drive the development of the Afreum ecosystem into the future. The DAO was announced on January 5th, 2021, and since then, the Afreum team has started planning for the full decentralization of the Afreum ecosystem. The entire process will take a number of months, starting with finalizing the Afreum DAO Charter, decentralizing the applications, and culminating in AFREUM X (AFRX) holders being able to propose ideas, and vote, on how to drive the Afreum ecosystem forward.

The announcement of Afreum DAO, which will oversee 55% of the total supply of Afreum (AFR), draws a line in the sand, relegating the role of the founding team to implementing the DAO, and shaping proposals that build out the Afreum ecosystem as defined in the Afreum Whitepaper. The post-Whitepaper roadmap shall be determined exclusively by the Afreum DAO, while philanthropic and social enterprise endeavors of the project will be managed separately by a foundation.

Participation in Afreum DAO is limited to accounts holding AFREUM X (AFRX) tokens. Since AFRX tokens are primarily distributed as rewards in the Afreum, this essentially limits DAO participation to accounts that have historically contributed to the development of Afreum. It is possible to acquire AFRX tokens on the Stellar DEX, and hence become a participant in Afreum DAO.

Below is a preliminary outline of the Afreum DAO Charter, Afreum Dao Council, and the key areas of governance covered by Afreum DAO.